Radiation Protection Adviser Radiation Protection Training

Radiation Protection Adviser

A suitable Radiation Protection Adviser: is an individual, or corporate body, that meets the Health and Safety Executive criteria of competence, and. has the necessary experience and expertise to advise on the organisation's uses of ionising radiation.

Radiation Protection Training

Provides instruction on the nature of radiation and radioactivity, the hazard and risk it presents, the necessary control measures, and the application and method of compliance with relevant radiation safety legislation. It is held three times per year.

The law requires employers that use radioactive sources to appoint an employee to oversee the management of the sources (Radiation Protection Supervisor – RPS) and be advised by a Radiation Safety Expert (Radiation Protection Adviser – RPA). Schools using Radiation Sources to teach Physics need a RPA. The Director of ORPC is Dr. Keith Bowker. He has over 30 years of advising on Radiation Safety in the Education Sector and is the current RPA for many Independent and State Sector Schools as well as Academies and Colleges. RPA's must hold a current Certificate to Practise from a body approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). ORPC Consultants act as RPA`s and provide advice on all aspects of radiation safety such as local rules, security, risk assessment. Clients include Independent Schools, Academies, Trusts, Schools and County Councils throughout the UK as well as biotechnology companies and other industries. For further details on our services please click here.