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Radiation Protection Supervisor Training For Schools, Academies and Colleges





This Course is intended to provide the necessary training for those appointed as a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) in the school sector. It is also relevant for those whose training needs updating – now required from every 3 years.

The information provided will be in accordance with that required by the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR). Delegates will be brought up to date with the requirements of the legislation and the actions required as interpreted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in their recent inspection program of schools. Emphasis will be placed on the 14 items focused upon by the HSE inspectors. The significant additional matters from the inspections will be identified.

The duties of an RPS in a School will be detailed together with examples of suitable Local Rules/Operating Procedures and Radiation Risk Assessment. The role and function of the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) will be made clear.

The duty on employers to assess Radon levels will also be explained.

The program will include what ISI and Ofsted Inspectors look for, and what typically they have found during their inspections recently.


In addition to IRR, included in the course content will be the requirements of the Environmental Permitting Regulations; specifically, whether the school requires a Permit for the sources they hold.  Cost effective waste disposal options for school sources will also be described.


A RPS Training Certificate will be provided for each delegate.


Dr. Keith Bowker, who acts as RPA for both state and independent sector schools as well as Academies, Trusts and Local Authorities will present the course. The fee for the course inclusive of notes, training certificate, coffee/tea and pastries/biscuits on arrival, afternoon tea/coffee and Car Parking is £235 per delegate. The Holiday Inn is situated just off the A34 at the Peartree Roundabout, Oxford. Directions to the venue will be provided for delegates.


Full Course Content

Time Programme
1.00 pm Registration – tea/coffee and cookies/biscuits/fruit etc.
1.30 pm Welcome and Introduction

Types of Radiation Harm. Radiation doses in UK.

Safer sources for Schools

Doses and risks from School sources

1.45 pm Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017.
Main points of the legislation as it affects Schools and Academies.
Duties and role of the RPS and RPA. Storage requirements.
Pregnant employees and others.
Changes brought about by the HSE’s inspection program
2.30 pm Tea / coffee.
2.45 pm Operating procedures and radiation risk assessment
How to assess for Radon. Leakage testing of sources.
Contingency planning for Fire and Lost Sources.Major changes brought about by the HSE’s inspection programme.
3.30 pm Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016.
Options for the disposal of unwanted sources.
Fire Regulations requirements.
4.00 pm Preparation for School inspections (ISI & Ofsted).
What Inspectors will expect to see regarding sources.
Health and Safety Executive inspections; latest feedback and actions
4.30 pm Question and answer session and advice on Individual queries.
Course Ends.