Our Services

ORPC – Radiation Protection Adviser Services

We give advice on all aspects of radioactive source use, including notifications required, storage, handling and radioactive waste disposal.

The RPA service includes checking for contamination in the store and wipe testing of sources (legal requirement every two years).

The legal right to hold and dispose of radioactivity in the UK is governed by the Environmental Permitting Regulations and ORPC can provide advice as to whether a permit is required and give guidance on the most appropriate means of disposing of unwanted sources.

Advice is also given on compliance documentation to meet both regulatory and OFSTED/ISI Inspectors requirements.

Visits are followed by a report confirming the advice given. There is on-going support by telephone and email

ORPC provide training for Radiation Protection Supervisors.  Our Courses for RPS’s in Schools, Academies and Colleges are held three times per year.

Bespoke RPS training is provided on request, please contact ORPC for more information.

On-going telephone and email advice.